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Our store. At Riz n Codd, we are an online-only boutique selling beautiful and unique designs for little boys and girls (0-3 years). Our fashion philosophy is all about versatility and range – we offer an assortment of trendy yet classic threads for your mini fashionista!

Our Story. Riz n Codd was founded by us, Antoinette and Josephine. We are twin sisters who used to work colourful busy careers. When we fell pregnant with our first babies (due 11 days apart) we knew that we were going to be sharing many sleepless night stories, and the joy of raising our children together. Just over a year later, we both welcomed our second babies (this time 6 weeks apart).

Whilst we didn’t plan on having our children at exactly the same time (come on guys that would be weird) it has definitely been a fantastic experience raising our boys and girls together. We now spend much more time with each other and enjoy watching our kids grow up to be the best of friends (and enemies).

We have always been the type to 'think big', so we would often talk about what we would do once our maternity leave ended. Stay at home with the kids or go to work? Then we realised, we could have both – the result was Riz n Codd. We realised that our lives revolved around our babies – and with Riz and Codd, we found a way to make work revolve around our babies too. Literally.

Many people ask us "Where did the name Riz n Codd come from?" Well I think we deserve wife-of-the-year medals because we named our store after our hubbies. These men helped create our precious little munchkins – so we wanted them to be a part of Riz n Codd too. But make no mistake, we run the show!

Our Vision. Riz n Codd is not just a way for us to work from home. We realised that it was becoming so hard to find affordable clothes for our children - that were unique – without looking tacky. We identified a need for a fresh line of infant clothing, for boys and girls, which are appropriate and practical for your young ones, but are undeniably beautiful. We believe that dressing your children in beautiful and timeless clothes does not have to be difficult, or expensive.

At Riz n Codd, we have also thought hard about how we can make the entire shopping process easy from beginning to end. Do you prefer to try before you buy? – We’ll we’ve got you covered. We get it. You want to see the exact colour, feel the fabric in your fingers, compare sizes back-to-back. So, if this sounds like you, keep an eye on our Facebook Page [] for details on our next pop-up location. Please like our page to keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest from our store.


Happy Shopping,

Riz n Codd Team.



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